Visit to Two Fishery Stations on Mother’s Day

November 16, Juche 105 (2016) was Mother’s Day in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

That day, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited two fishery stations when mothers across the country were delighted with bouquets of respect given by their children and soldiers on their posts extended congratulations to their mothers in the hometowns.

The first leg of his inspection tour was the May 27 Fishery Station.

Feasting his eyes on the scene of unloading sailfin sandfish from the hold and cascading fishes at an outdoor ground, he highly appreciated the fishing sector of the Korean People’s Army for big fish hauls.

That morning he received a report that the fishery station made good hauls of fish in a few days, he said, adding that he came to the station before doing anything else, being eager to convey the news as quickly as possible to the people who had placed their children at the posts of national defence.

The second leg of his inspection tour was the January 8 Fishery Station.

Looking at frozen blocks of fish one after another at cold storage, he said in satisfaction that he felt quite refreshed and relieved of his fatigue, adding that the establishment of the station has borne fruit.

He earnestly asked its officials to catch larger amounts of fish with a feeling of a parental affection for orphans and with a mind to become the real children of the aged and supply them to baby homes, orphanages, primary and middle schools for orphans and old people’s homes across the country.

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