Outstanding Leader, Great Mentor

The chairman of the Romanian Socialist Party in an online article wrote that President Kim Il Sung put forward the popular masses, who had been subjected to humiliation and contempt in the past, as the being with unfathomable strength and wisdom and raised their position and dignity up to the highest level.

The dean of the faculty of political science of Damascus University of Syria said President Kim Il Sung illumined the path of the Korean revolution on the basis of the Juche idea and led the revolution and construction to victory. The President, who turned Korea into a powerful, independent country, was the savior of the peace-loving people fighting against domination and subordination, high-handedness and arbitrariness.

The Communist Party and the Communist Youth Union of Yugoslavia in a statement stressed that the achievements of President Kim Il Sung, the outstanding leader and great mentor, will shine century after century.

The spokesman for the Independent Workers` Party of Senegal emphasized that President Kim Il Sung is the greatest man boundlessly respected by all people and his idea will as ever light the road ahead of the progressive people towards building a new society, justifiable and peaceable.

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