Korean Revolution Museum

The Korean Revolution Museum opened in August Juche 37 (1948). Greeting the 60th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung [April 15, Juche 61 (1972)], it was newly built with a bronze statue of President
Kim Il Sung set up on Mansu Hill.

Greeting the 105th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung in Juche 106 (2017), it was renovated in a further solemn and complete way into the supreme revolutionary museum.

It covers a total floor space of 60 350 sq m. Exhibited in more than 100 halls are relics and other materials numbering tens of thousands, which show the whole course of the Korean revolution in a historical order and in a comprehensive way.

Such exhibits as relief maps, models and others produce a visual and three-dimensional effect, the way of arranging the exhibits and illumination is unique, and some historical events and facts in each period are shown in diorama.

The museum is regarded as a national treasure and an ideological and mental pillar by the Korean people.

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