President Sukarno and Kimilsungia (2)

President Sukarno visited the Bogor Botanical Garden to learn about the rare orchid cultivated by its director and his friend.

The flower was sent to the director of the botanical garden by a botanist who had researched orchids for several decades. As he sent a seedling with a thin stem on which young leaves began to shape, he asked the director to bring it into full bloom in its first flowering season and show it to Premier Kim Il Sung when he visited Indonesia.

Sukarno made a final decision to give the august name of Kim Il Sung to the rare orchid of a new variety and present it to him as a gift and asked the director to make the flower fully bloom on April 15, the birthday of Premier Kim Il Sung.

But as he declined to do so, the President could not do as he desired no matter how ardently he wished to name the flower after the DPRK leader.

Sukarno made repeated requests for it, saying that the issue of naming the flower after Kim Il Sung should be raised again and that lost gold can be regained, but missed opportunity never comes again.

Hearing a report on it, Kim Il Sung said that if President Sukarno and the Indonesian people truly wanted to do it, he would accept it as a token of their praise for the Korean people.

Thus, the flower naming after the great man came into being in the world.

Kimilsungia, which was born as a flower in praise of the great man in the tropical island country, comes into fuller bloom reflecting the sincere wish of progressive humankind to hold President Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the Sun of Juche.

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