At a Livestock Branch Farm

On July 18, 2002, when hostile forces were claiming on account of the difficulties facing the DPRK that socialist Korea would implode, Kim Jong Il visited a livestock branch farm that the people in Kusong laid out at the Namsan Cooperative Farm.

From an observation post the General had a bird’s-eye view of the buildings in the branch farm, praising the fine scenery of the farm and the achievements made by the city.

Aren’t those goats over there?

He pointed to the goats moving in a flock on the mountain.

An official replied yes.

The General asked the number of goats, the females in particular. Surveying the mountains nearby, he praised the wonderful scenery again.

Another official, pointing at the corrals, said that cattle were out grazing on the fields.

“How many cattle do you have?” asked the General.

The official said that the branch farm had dozens of cattle and was raising them to be used as draught animals at workteams.

The General asked what it had besides the cattle.

The official replied that it had geese, pigs and rabbits.

“Now do you raise cattle at the corrals or send them to graze on the fields?”

“In the main we allow them to graze.”

The official pointed at the foot of a mountain where the animals were roaming about.

Gazing at them, the General said that he could see the cattle and praised that the branch farm was laudable and achieved a lot without much publicity.

He told officials in a confident voice, “I think it would be good to invite all those, who assert that our country is imploding, to come here. Also, it would not be bad to invite the journalists in the West, who are in the habit of backbiting others, to come here and see with their own eyes how our people are striving to live on their own.”

He said with a broad laugh that the Namsan Cooperative Farm would now wish to expand the livestock farming and export processed meat in large quantities to make money.

The officials joined the laughter.

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