Episode on His First Birthday after Liberation (2)

(April 15, 1946)

Women Fighters Leave for Treatment

That morning, Kim Il Sung called women anti-Japanese war veterans to his residence.

As he received them warmly, he told them to go to the Yangdok hot spring for treatment.

He took such a measure as he cared so much about the health of the women fighters who endured the trying ordeals of the anti-Japanese war.

The Yangdok hot spring has been used by the Korean people for more than 1 500 years for its high efficacy in the treatment of various diseases such as dyspepsia, neuralgia, women`s diseases, dermatosis and sequela of traumatic treatment.

It is said that infertile women go to the Ryongsin Hall (dragon god hall) and Aegi Pool (baby pool) in Taethangji of Yangdok to pray for childbirth, but it is nonsense and so you should go there and enlighten them, he told them.

Under his warm care for the revolutionary comrades-in-arms, the women war veterans left for their treatment.

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