Episode on His First Birthday after Liberation (1)

(April 15, 1946)

Three Brothers Sent to Pyongyang Institute

There was a caretaker surnamed Choe at the residence of General Kim Il Sung at the time.

On the morning of April 15, 1946, the President told Choe who was busying himself with work in the back yard of the residence that it was time for him to go to the Pyongyang Institute.

Though you were unable to go to school as a member of a ruined nation in the past, there is no reason why you could not study today when workers and farmers have become masters of the country, and only when you have knowledge, can you carry on revolution and if you buckle down to study with a resolve, you will be able to learn, he said. He then suggested Choe go to the Pyongyang Institute with his two brothers.

There was a reason why the General was going to send him to school.

One morning on the threshold of lunar New Year`s Day that year, an official handed Choe a book and asked him to write his name on it.  He was quite embarrassed as he was illiterate.  Just at that time,  anti-Japanese war heroine
Kim Jong Suk who was coming out of a room told Choe to study before anything else and asked the General his intention.

Saying that Choe did not know how to write as he failed to learn in the past, the General underlined the need to let him study without fail.

Remembering that day, he was going to send his three brothers to the Pyongyang Institute.

This was how Choe`s brothers, who had wandered around begging in the past, came to be enrolled at the school.

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