As the Pleasure Never to Be Sought Again

One day in April Juche 108(2019), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un came to see the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort under construction. He was all the time satisfied going round the building sites where another new civilization was being created in the era of the Workers’ Party.

He told officials that we have to run with full burdens on our backs as the struggle to hasten a new civilization is the work for our people and that we should not cease to carry forward the work for their happiness.

He resumed that, as he usually instructed, they should regard it as their pleasure and benefit never to be sought again to run with full burdens on their backs. And they have to suffer troubles for people since no one would take their role, he added.

What he said deeply reminds them of how they have to live and work in order to be the true servants of the people who regard them as Heaven.

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