Anecdote about Great Man on April Spring Day (3)

An Unfulfilled Desire

One April day, officials were busy with preparations for a birthday party for Premier Kim Il Sung.

He happened to know about this and told the officials not to prepare for the party as he would refuse to attend it as ever. But the officials secretly continued to make preparations for it in order to arrange a party on a family scale at least.

Then, the day before his birthday, he came to know that and called in the officials. He said that how they could arrange his birthday party merely because he was Premier at the time when the people were experiencing hardships. He went on that if they stubbornly insisted, he would go anywhere far away the following day instead of going to his office.

The officials never thought he really meant that, but he actually embarked on a field inspection tour by car early next morning. His destination was a farm village.

As he walked along the country lane, Kim Il Sung told the farm officials the way to be taken by the farm in detail.

Though the officials wanted him to have a good rest at least on his birthday, the Premier left for another on-site guidance tour, so they were compelled to accompany him.

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