People’s Palace of Culture and Arts on Banks of Pothong River

Artistes and other people of the DPRK create musical art and enjoy a noble and civilized emotional life to their heart’s content at the splendid theatre on the banks of the Pothong River in Pyongyang.

In order to carry out the lifetime wish of Chairman Kim Jong Il who had always applied mind to providing his people with an art theatre equipped with the best acoustic conditions, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un unfolded a plan to rebuild the Monranbong Circus into a world-level theatre for an orchestra which has full features as a theatre with natural acoustics and indicated the orientation and ways to that end.

Under his meticulous and energetic guidance the Theatre for the Samjiyon Orchestra rose up as a palace of culture and the arts that incorporates latest architectural and acoustic techniques and boasts distinctive and gorgeous architectural and formative beauty which harmoniously encompasses classical and modern beauty and artistic qualities.

The performances given by the orchestra at the concert hall with no public address system capture the hearts of the audience with a profound influence of rich lyricism for which all elements of the theatre, music pieces played, directors and instrumentalists blend in well with each other.

At the Theatre for the Samjiyon Orchestra built as a monumental structure of love for the people, hymns to socialism will ring out forever conveying the unlimited benevolence of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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