Anecdote about Great Man on April Spring Day (1)

Even on His Birthday

It happened on a birthday of General Kim Il Sung after Korea`s liberation from Japanese military rule.

Upon discussion with other anti-Japanese war veterans, Kim Jong Suk organized a birthday party for the General who had provided birthday tables for his comrade-in-arms without fail since the days of the anti-Japanese armed struggle, but had never celebrated his birthday.

As he entered the room of his residence and looked at the dinner table and war veterans, he asked them the reason.

Kim Jong Suk told him it was his birthday that day and all the veterans offered him their best wishes to mark the day.

Then his face clouded. The General said quietly that he was grateful for their sincerity but how he could sit at the birthday table merely because it was his birthday. He grimly asked the embarrassed veterans how he could be happy at the birthday table when he failed to give Korean children a drop of candy properly though the country had been liberated.

Kim Jong Suk earnestly asked him to receive at least the birthday table of that day that was associated with their sincerity.
However, he did not receive the table after all.

Like this, he spent every birthday after liberation as an ordinary day only for the good of the people.

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