Admiration of Sukarno

It was hot in the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia even at dawn on April 11 Juche 54(1965).

That day Kim Jong Il arranged a list of the people to travel with Kim Il Sung on the plane to Bandung and the order of the cavalcade to go there, without getting a moment`s sleep.

An event was to be held there to mark the 10th anniversary of the Bandung Conference.

In Bandung there were a knights’ corps, the most reactionary anti-government group in Indonesia, and rightwing think-tanks that were putting pressure on President Sukarno. That was why the Indonesian side had prepared two travel routes, by air and by car, for the safety of Premier Kim Il Sung and asked the DPRK delegation which route they would take.

After deep consideration all night Kim Jong Il decided to make the choice after he himself had made an advanced trip to Bandung, and left for the city early in the morning.

He returned after acquainting himself in detail with the state of roads and the lay of and things on the land over a long time. And he told the officials who asked him to have rest even for a moment that it was fundamental duty and mission for the soldiers to go the route to be taken by the great leader before him, and he made a proposal for assuring the best and greatest safety of the Premier.

He then drove a car at high speed, arrived at Bandung airport before the plane and received Kim Il Sung there.

President Sukarno, after being briefed on the fact, said in admiration that as the Indonesian proverb goes, “A great general makes a great general”, adding that it was just the right saying for the case. He continued that as Premier
Kim Il Sung was a great man of worldwide reputation, he was sure the young commander under him was also a great man.

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