President Kim Il Sung, the Sun of All People and Great Saint of Mankind 1

Juche Idea Illuminates the Road ahead of Mankind

Idea is a light, power and path that is necessary for human existence and development.

In the early 1930’s President Kim Il Sung in his teenage created the immortal Juche idea having perfectly understood the essence and requirement of the times never seen by the then renowned statesmen. It was a miracle deserved special mention both in the history of ideology of mankind and in the history of great men of the world.

The Juche idea, since created, gave the light and power of existence and development to a great number of people in the world who were in agony and wandering as they did not know where they could find out the strength to carve out their destiny.

A foreign philosopher held that mankind should set up a tower of the Sun of Kim Il Sung on the highest and central position of the Earth saying: “Gigantic changes incomparable to the combination of all myths and miracles like the Promethean fire and the Seven Wonders of the World were made by the President.” It was not only his personal view.

Today the word Juche has been an official terminology of the world and the ranks of adherents of the Juche idea have further increased.

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