Leader and Sunday

Whenever Sunday comes around, people usually make out their schedules to have a nice time.

But Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un finds his pleasure in working for the sake of his people even on Sunday when everyone has a rest.

On September 22, Juche 102 (2013) he visited the construction site of the Munsu Water Park and specified tasks for building it into an excellent cultural recreation centre for the people, and after a week he made another visit to it. The two days were Sundays.

It was Sunday when he visited a stock farm to give instructions for its management and the guideline for the development of stockbreeding and the Taesongsan General Hospital to take parental care of children from a baby home and an orphanage.

It was also Sunday when he looked round the newly-built Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery and waited for a long time to pose for a photo with its workers and their family members.

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