Factory Named after a Word of Song

One day in April Juche 105 (2016) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Mindulle Notebook Factory.

He said with a big smile on his face that he was very happy to see the notebooks made at the factory and felt like dancing at the thought of children and students who would be glad to receive quality notebooks.

The great leaders would have been very pleased if they had seen the quality notebooks produced at the modern factory, he said, adding that he named the factory “Mindulle (dandelion)” as he recited the words of song The Blue Sky of My Country.

The song arouses a solemn feeling of love for the country.

As it is an important issue related to the future of the country to make rising generations value one’s own things, the Supreme Leader proposed building a modern notebook factory, provided guidance over its mock-up and named it “Mindulle Notebook Factory” so that the name contains a profound meaning.

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