Key to Finding out Spring Water

One day in Autumn Juche 49 (1960) President Kim Il Sung was informed that dwellers in an coastal area of the West Sea were having some inconveniences for their lives from want of drinking water. He summoned an official concerned and instructed him to detect a stream of tasty spring water.

Workers began probing, but they failed to locate it no matter how hard they worked.

So, one day the President went out to the spot early in the morning and ascended a hill to carefully watch its geographical situation. Pointing to a section in the seashore, he told them to try probing over there.

After his inspection, they made a bore hole in the place he selected and implausibly found a stream of spring water in two days.

The official was eager to know the secret. The President said to him that there was nothing special in it and the secret was to regard the masses of the working people as the teacher and rely on their wisdom. He had chances to see a lot of coastal people on his field guidance and they told they had often seen spring water gushing out where the seawater was in and out. He ascertained if it was true, the President added.

It is one of many tales the people used to hear when they traced back to the annals of the great lifetime of the President.

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