Great Model of True Internationalist

The world`s progressives are paying high tribute to President Kim Il Sung who ushered in a new era of independence and added lustre to it.

President Kim Il Sung, even under difficult conditions at the time when he waged the anti-Japanese armed struggle with neither support of regular army nor state backing, defended the Soviet Union with arms and rendered positive encouragement to the Chinese revolution, reported Russia`s Rossiskaya Gazeta newspaper.

Even in the postwar years when the acute confrontation with imperialism persisted, he assisted materially and morally the countries and peoples advancing along the road of independence against imperialism, the newspaper said, adding that his image would be cherished in the hearts of all people as the great model of true internationalist.

The bases for the creation of a new life built across the African continent are also associated with the internationalist obligation of President Kim Il Sung, said Nigeria’s Nigerian Observer newspaper. The DPRK rendered assistance to African countries not because it was more affluent than others, it noted.

It was thanks to his noble sense of internationalist obligation that they should sincerely help African countries so that the Africans could achieve complete political and economic independence from the imperialists and stand on their own two feet, the paper said.

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