I Envy Korean People Who Have the Great Leaders

Members of the Swiss communist youth delegation expressed their excitement on their visit to the International Friendship Exhibition House which is shining as an everlasting national treasure of the Sun`s nation.

The head of the delegation said:

“I cannot repress my admiration for the magnificence and enchantment of the exhibition house, but the enormous number of gifts on display is more surprising.

“Every gift is associated with the sincerity of party leaders, heads of state, celebrities and progressive people from many countries, who wished to praise forever the achievements of the peerlessly great men.

“Through the visit, I was deeply impressed once again by the high international prestige of the leaders of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

A member of the delegation expressed his excitement that there are quite many famous statesmen in the world, but it has never known such great men like the DPRK leaders who made the gifts they received the property of the people, adding he envied the Korean people who have the great leaders who are possessed of the love for people as their natural disposition.

Another member said:

“The exhibition house is full of all kinds of valuable treasures.

“I feel as if I toured the whole world, because the house brings together excellent cultures of the five continents of the world.

“The praise from everyone for the peerlessly great men recognized by the world will last forever.”

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