“Long Live General Kim Il Sung!”

It was October 14, Juche 34 (1945). From early in the morning a great number of people crowded into the public playground (now Kim Il Sung Stadium) at the foot of Moran Hill, where a mass rally of Pyongyang citizens was going to be held to welcome President Kim Il Sung for his triumphal return.

There were throngs in Choesung Pavilion and Ulmil Pavilion on Moran Hill and also on the low hills and tall trees around the playground.

At that time, it was no accident that the Pyongyang Minbo wrote: “Pyongyang has a long history of four thousand years and it has no less than 400 thousand population. But it has never been crowded earlier like this.”

As soon as President Kim Il Sung, anti-Japanese legendary hero appeared on the platform rostrum of the mass rally, cheers of hurrah exploded rocking heaven and earth.

“Long Live General Kim Il Sung!”

That day the stormy cheers of hurrah in hearty response to his patriotic appeal that highlighted the bright future of new Korea echoed Moran Hill and shook the whole country.

The President recollected that if someone asked him when he was the happiest in his lifetime, he would say that it was the very time when he felt happy as he, the son of people, fought for them and when they loved and trusted him and was embraced in their bosom.

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