Woman Holidaymaker Renamed by President

One day in June Juche 37(1948) President Kim Il Sung visited the then Yangdok Holiday Camp. While having a talk with a woman vacationer, he came to know that her name was Kim Aegi (Aegi means “Baby” in Korean).

After listening to her story that she was called Aegi without proper name due to scanty living before Korea`s liberation and had to have it entered in her family register as it was, he suggested to give her a good name, thought it over and proposed to name her Kim Pok Sun.

The name reflected the tender love of the President wishing her to live happily with good luck.

The woman made a deep bow to him saying “Thank you, General!” as she shed tears of gratitude.

The President wrote down her new name in big letters tightly grabbing her hand holding a pencil, and then earnestly said that now women are given the equal rights with men and that women should learn hard and take an active part in national affairs.

And he proposed to go outside to take a photo and led her to take a front seat.

The woman, who was honoured to be renamed by the President and have a photo taken with him, could not repress her rolling tears since she felt as if she got all blessings of the world.

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