Tracing the History of March 8, International Women’s Day

This year marks the 112th anniversary of March 8, International Women`s Day, the holiday of women workers of the world.

Historically, March 8, International Women’s Day has been celebrated as the day of strengthening and demonstrating the unity of progressive women to obtain their equality and rights.

On March 8, 1909, Chicago women workers of the United States went on large-scale strike and demo claiming gender equality and freedom.

The Second International Congress of Socialist Women, which was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark in 1910 with 100 delegates from seventeen countries, reached a decision to commemorate March 8 as the international memorial day of women workers when they had waged drastic strike and the day of their unity in the struggle to obtain their rights.

In the DPRK, all the women splendidly commemorated this day for the first time after liberation on March 8 Juche 35(1946) and since then colorful events and celebration performances were held on a nation-wide scale under the warm care of the peerlessly great men.

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