Society of Respecting Women

The National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea of the Democratic Republic of Congo posted an article entitled “Society of respecting women” on its homepage on March 3.

It said:
The dignity and rights of women are being seriously violated around the world.

But in the DPRK, a people-centred socialist state, women are fully guaranteed all their rights as social human beings.

They take an active part in socio-political life as masters of the country while enjoying the equal rights to men as well as special state and social benefits.

They are free from all worries about childbirth, schooling of their children and medical treatment.

The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital eloquently shows what preference Korean women are given.

The article continued to say that a grand national meeting is arranged every year to mark March 8 International Women’s Day and the state ensures women’s dignity and rights at the top level, and described the DPRK as a country which fully meets the norms of international law for sexual equality and a flower garden of respecting and treasuring women.

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