Small Yet Big Factory

The Korean people still remember the day when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Medical Oxygen Factory which had just been completed.

He was so happy to have an overall view of the cosy, neat and picturesque factory with a broad smile.

After acquainting himself with the construction and the plan for the management and operation of the factory, he said that it was built wonderfully to go well with the surrounding natural scenery and that the building was decorated in a unique way so that people could notice that it is a factory producing medical oxygen at first sight.

Describing the oxygen cylinders standing in rows in the supply store as a sight to behold, he beamingly said it was so nice that the names of hospitals which would be supplied with the cylinders were inscribed on them.

That day, the Supreme Leader noted that the factory was a small yet big factory that would positively contribute to protecting the people’s lives and promoting their health.

A small yet big factory!

The expression reflected his lofty expectation that the officials and workers of the factory would work hard, cherishing the noble sense of mission they assume for the times.

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