Anecdote about Great Man on His Birthday 6

Prelude to Chorus of Hymns

In the course of the gigantic struggle for accomplishing the historic cause of the revolution in art and literature, creative and performing artists developed growing admiration for Chairman Kim Jong Il with the passage of time.

Therefore, they came to create and sing a hymn in praise him. Its title was We Will Remain Faithful Generation after Generation.

But at the outset it remained a “secret”, because he strictly forbade the composition of such a paean.

The officials who were anxious to popularize the song happened to have the honour of meeting the leader on February 16, Juche 60(1971).

At that time someone began to sing the song quietly, followed by all others.

Suddenly, the leader asked sternly who made them compose such a song.

He rebuked them, saying they had done wrong. He added that he was a revolutionary soldier of President Kim Il Sung, stressing the need to create many good songs the people would sing in reverence for the President.

The song the officials sang that day was the first hymn presented to the leader not only by persons of art and literature but by all other Korean people. It served as a prelude to the chorus of so many hymns the service personnel and other Koreans sang in praise of the leader.

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