Walking High Upstairs

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the construction site of the houses for the educators of Kim Il Sung University for the second time late in September Juche 102(2013).

He told officials to complete the apartment buildings at the highest level as he looked round their interiors in detail with paternal care. He then suggested going up to see the lounge on the 17th floor.

The officials were bewildered for the moment, as the lift was on trial then.

One of them advised him to go up there later, as the lift was in a test run.

However, the Supreme Leader went up ahead, saying it did not matter as he would walk up for exercise.

He was soaked with perspiration.

But oblivious of his pains, the Supreme Leader examined the play equipment piled up at a section for children`s playing site and said the children of lecturers and researchers would be happy with them and told officials to cover the floor with natural stones, tiles and turf and plant flowers in the flower stand.

The officials were moved to tears looking up at him.

Thanks to such scrupulous care of the Supreme Leader, the Korean educators and researchers are enjoying a happy life in houses equipped with all conveniences.

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