Unforgettable Moment

“He met me and my entourage for as long as 55 minutes in July 1995. Generally, the audience with the top leader of a country is pretty formal, but Chairman Kim Jong Il met us as friends and talked with us in an amicable atmosphere full of human love. His plain and modest attitude and open-minded, broad laugh pulled our hearts like a magnet. I was so charmed by him that I didn’t know how the 55 minutes passed. When the talk was over and he had a photo taken with us, I felt that my whole body was bathed in sunlight.

“The sun is praised by all not because someone explains about it but because   everyone feels the incomparable greatness of its existence.

“Chairman Kim Jong Il is truly a man like the sun.”

This is what Solinov, a Russian personage from the economic circles, said in praise of the Chairman, totally attracted by his noble personality traits while having an audience with him.

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