100 Won and 10 Jon

In late March 1992 Luise Rinser came to Korea on board an aeroplane sent by President Kim Il Sung.

On April 1, Kim Il Sung met her.

She repeatedly expressed her thanks to the president for having sent her the plane.

The President asked her not to do so, saying:

“Although I sent you a plane, my sincerity is insignificant when compared with yours with which you have covered a long distance from Rome to come to Pyongyang. Your sincerity is greater than mine. If your sincerity is worth 100 won, mine is worth 10 jon.”

“Your Excellency, Mr. President, your compliment is more than I deserve. How can my sincerity, with which I have come to meet you, a great leader who enjoys the admiration of the world’s people, be great that you even recognize it? The great benevolence you lavish on me whenever I visit Korea is more valuable than any sum of money.”

“No, your sincerity is greater than mine.”

“Your honour, Mr. President!”

Rinzer’s heart was too full for words.

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