Genuine Leader of People

The international community praises the noble life of Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted his all to the people regarding “The people are my God” as his lifetime motto.

La Prosperite newspaper of the Democratic Republic of Congo said that the life of Chairman Kim Jong Il was that of people`s benevolent father who dedicated everything dear to him that should be enjoyed as the leader of a country and as a human being.

Egyptian newspaper Al Ahbar Almasay said that love for the people was a political idea, the basis of all thoughts and practices and the whole of his life to Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The chairman of the Italian organization of dialectical materialism atheists spoke highly that Chairman Kim Jong Il was a true people’s leader who continued his field guidance tour for the people till the last moment of his life with noble view on the people and passed away on a running train.

The chairman of the Kuwait-DPRK friendship association said:

 “In retrospect, Chairman Kim Jong Il’s life was a noble one that had been devoted to his country and people.

 “Regarding the country’s prosperity, people’s well-being and national reunification as his lifelong mission, he went on day and night the long journey of love for the country and people for its implementation.

 “For him, the people’s happiness was the criterion for his every thought and activity.

 “He regarded his people as the most precious being and mentor, and shared joy and sorrow with them.

 “The noble exploits he performed as the great father of the Korean people will be immortal.”

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