DPRK Celebrates the Day of the Shining Star in Splendour

The Day of the Shining Star, one of the Korean nation`s greatest holidays, was celebrated in splendour in the DPRK.

Institutions, enterprises and cooperative farms all across the country staged celebratory performances and sang in the lofty style of the history of noble love for the people and patriotic devotion of Chairman Kim Jong Il who built invaluable socialist wealth.

Sports games were held in establishments at all levels in Pyongyang and the provinces, adding to the festive mood. And public catering facilities in all parts of the country served holidaymakers special dishes on the holiday.

Lots of people had a good time at cultural and leisure amenities throughout the country including the Amusement Park of the Kaeson Youth Park, People’s Open-air Ice Rink, Yangdok Hot Spring Resort and Masikryong Ski Resort.

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