People Overflow with Joy on New Year’s Day

All people in the DPRK celebrated the New Year 2020 full of hope and happiness.

A variety of celebration performances and folk games took place in Pyongyang and the provinces, adding to the festive mood.

The amusement parks, the Central Zoo, People`s Open-air Ice Rink, Munsu Water Park and other places in Pyongyang rang with happy laughter of the people who are enjoying the socialist civilization to their hearts’ content.

The people livened up, having their pleasant time while enjoying various dishes and local specialties at public catering and other service networks in all parts of the country.

Spending the holidays with great excitement and joy full of dream and fresh hope, the Korean people strengthened their conviction that all their beautiful dreams would come true and the socialist motherland grow more prosperous as they are guided by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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