Mirae Scientists Street

Mirae Scientists Street is located in Pyongyang on the bank of the Taedong River, extending from Chungsong Bridge to Yanggak Bridge.

Large high-rise apartment blocks and public buildings blend well with one another, and each building has its own characteristic tiling style on its outer walls and roofing style. And for the fantastic combination of various commercial, public catering and welfare service networks of resting places and sports parks, it is called a model street of modern civilization, a colorful street.

At the top of the 53 storey house (150 m), one can command a bird’s eye view of the beautiful city of Pyongyang. The names of service outlets here apparently imply that every ideal of the Korean people is being translated into reality in this street–Risang (ideal) Shop, Somgwang (flash) Electronic Appliances Shop, Achim (morning) Computer Shop, Pomnoul (spring glow) Shop, Ryugyong Jangmi (rose) Health Complex and Manbok (good luck) Shop.

The street, consisting of thousands of flats, more than one hundred service outlets and public buildings, was built in one year.

These wonderful houses in the world-class street are provided to scientists, teachers and other ordinary working people free of charge.

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