As the Best Food in the World

One June day a few years ago Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the newly built Ryugyong Kimchi Factory.

He satisfactorily said that the production processes of whole bok choy kimchi, cubed radish kimchi and soy preserved food were all filled with modern equipment designed by Korean scientists and technicians and made by local efforts.

Referring to the need for the factory to produce different kinds of kimchi as popular food favoured by the people, he said kimchi is one of national dishes best liked by the Koreans and is widely known as one of five health foods of the world. And he underscored the need for the factory to produce by industrial methods kimchi that is tastier than home-made one, so as to make its kimchi the product that is always favoured by the local people and the best food in the world.

The officials were deeply moved as they listened to the Supreme Leader who cares so much about even a single national dish in order to provide his people with a more plentiful and civilized life.

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