Cradle of Music Prodigies

Taedongmun Kindergarten in Central District of Pyongyang is widely known as one of the early music education bases for training music prodigies.

It systematically selects the children with an aptitude for music and applies correct educational methods so that they can lay a firm foundation for music.

Under the care of Chairman Kim Jong Il, music classes for teaching the rudiment of playing the violin and kayagum were formed at the kindergarten 40 years back.

The Chairman sent a variety of musical instruments, sound facilities and school buses.

In the past, the kindergarten produced a lot of talented little composers and other music prodigies, and such educational materials as “Violin learning for children” and “Kayagum learning for children” written by the kindergarten teachers were introduced into all parts of the country.

Many graduates of the kindergarten are now active as talented creators, players and teachers in renowned national art troupes and art educational units.

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