Flower of the Sun Will Flourish Forever

The 23rd Kimjongilia Festival was held in Pyongyang between February 14 and 21 to mark the Day of the Shining Star, birthday of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The warm sincerity of all the people to venerate the Chairman for all ages was enshrined in every full-blown immortal flower exhibited at the festival hall bubbling with the passion of reverence for the great man.

For the past 20-odd years since its first round of exhibition, more than 430 000 potted Kimjongilias were displayed at the Kimjongilia Festival and as much as 1 680 units participated in the festival. And the visitors including local people, service personnel, youth, schoolchildren, overseas Koreans and foreigners number nearly 9 million.

In the past, many overseas Koreans, foreigners and foreign organizations also took an active part in the festival.

Backed up by the warm sincerity of mankind revering and following the peerlessly great man, some 303 600 Kimjongilias were cultivated in many countries and regions including Russia, China, Indonesia, Guinea and Mongolia, and the immortal flower named after the Chairman was exhibited in the world’s horticultural and floricultural expos and other shows on more than 170 occasions.

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