‘This is People’s Factory’

One November day in Juche 38(1949), President Kim Il Sung visited the construction site of the Pyongyang Textile Mill.

It was a large factory the DPRK government was to build for the first time after Korea`s liberation in an effort to fully settle the question of clothing for the people. 

The President grieved over the fact that the clothing problem for the people was not yet been solved as light industry had been very backward and the manual industry had been destroyed under the Japanese imperialists’ colonial rule.

Looking at workers assembling a machine at a workshop, he appreciated their efforts, saying they were doing a great job, and warmly took their greasy hands as he told officials to take good care of their living.

After acquainting himself in detail with the progress of the construction, he said it was a factory for the people, adding farmers should produce more foods to provide urban workers with them and the latter should make more cloth for the former. 

And he had a beaming smile on his face, visualizing the day when the clothing problem would fully be solved for the people.

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