Pyongyang Bell

It is a historical relic preserved in the belfry beside the Taedong Gate.

It was cast during the period of feudal Joson dynasty for the purpose of tolling the hour for Pyongyang people in peacetime and warning them of foreign invasion. The original bell was broken in a fire. The present one was recast in 1726. It is 3.1 m in height, 1.6 m in diameter at its mouth and 13 513 kg in weight.

Made of bronze, it shows the characteristics of a Korean bell and the high level of development of casting technique in those days.

Inscribed on the outer surface of the bell are the images of Buddha, four heavenly guardians of Buddhism, beautiful designs of cloudy patterns and the explanation of the bell’s history.

As one of big bells in feudal Joson dynasty, it has been called a speciality of Pyongyang for its beautiful shape and resonant sound.

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