Naming of Kim Il Sung Class Held in Mali

A ceremony took place on April 14 at Progres School in Mali to name a class after Kim Il Sung on the occasion of the Day of the Sun, the greatest national holiday.

It was attended by personages from the government, ministries, political parties and institutions of Mali, locals and the DPRK ambassador to Mali and his embassy staff members.

Speeches were made.

The schoolmaster of Progres School said:

 “I extend warm congratulations to the Korean people to mark the 106th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

 “This is the second happy event for our school with Kim Jong Il Class to name a class after Kim Il Sung to mark the significant Korean holiday.

 “President Kim Il Sung lives forever as the Sun in the mind of the world’s progressives, to say nothing of the Korean people, for his great contributions for the times and history.”

A department director of the Ministry of Education said as following effect as he described the school as the symbol of bilateral ties of friendship:

President Kim Il Sung was a great man whom I have revered immensely since my youth days.

Reading his works, I have keenly realized that he was an outstanding leader of Koreans and the world’s people.

The history of friendship between Mali and the DPRK will be carried on in the future, too.

A congratulatory message to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was adopted at the event.

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