Gifts Show Sincerity of World People

Silver Tray

It is a gift presented to President Kim Il Sung by Alan Garcia Perez, president of the Republic of Peru, in January Juche 75(1986).

He had visited the DPRK several times before.

Each time President Kim Il Sung made time for him to give valuable instructions on the principled issues arising in building the Party and a new society and encouraged him to continuously advance upholding the banner of struggle.

Therefore, President Perez highly praised him as the outstanding leader of the world revolution and benevolent teacher, and followed him wholeheartedly.

Engraved on the left part of the silver tray are the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung at Mangyongdae where the Sun of humankind rose and the national flag of the DPRK and on the right part the native home of President Perez and the national flag of Peru. And on the lower part of the tray is seen the presentation message which read: “To Marshal Kim Il Sung, President of the DPRK, Alan Garcia Perez, President of the Republic of Peru.”


Woolen Carpet

The gift was presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il by the Indian government in September Juche 100(2011).

The woolen carpet was entirely woven by hand.

It has a beautiful pattern in the middle of the red carpet and flower and various other patterns along the edges. And both sides are decorated with white threads.

It is said that in India there is a custom of presenting hand-made woolen carpets as gifts to the most respected persons.



It is a gift presented to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un by the director of the Aram Pan Singapore Mallima Co. Ltd., in December Juche 105(2016).

The director was deeply attracted to the Supreme Leader by his noble personality as a great man as he visited the DPRK over a dozen times.

He thought over and over and finally decided to prepare a globe and present it to him as a gift.

Made by the world-renowned globe producing company, the gift automatically turns when it receives light.

On the globe is depicted the world map drawn in 1790 in Italy, and the transparent round organic glass stand has three organic glass poles to be fixed on it so that the globe is placed on them.

The globe was reportedly awarded the Best Present Award 2015 in the UK.

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