On a Visit to Workers’ Dormitory

One day in April Juche 103(2014) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un made time to visit the workers’ dormitory of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill after receiving a report about its completion.

The corridor was done harmoniously in light pink and cream colours that are most liked by young women and there was an LCD TV set in the hall on each floor. Rooms were decorated neatly and a clinic, library and the like were all furnished well.

The dormitory was indeed a palace of workers.

There was no end to the meticulous care the Supreme Leader showed for the workers of the mill.

Entering a room, he saw a mirror hanging in the anteroom and said smilingly that unmarried women would like it as they could check on their attire before going out for a date and the like. He then opened the built-in closet in the room and looked into it.

The closet was divided into three compartments: the lower one for quilts and the upper one for hanging clothes.

Estimating the height of the upper compartment, he said regrettably that as it was low, the traditional clothes of chima and jogori would be folded if they were hanged.

Even though he provided workers with the best home of happiness in the world, the Supreme Leader paid close attention to every detail lest there should be any slightest inconvenience.

The dormitory could be built as a perfect home of happiness for workers, thanks to his such warm affection and meticulous care.

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