Eternal Leader of Korean People, Veteran Statesman

Personages from different countries of the world highly praised the noble revolutionary career of President Kim Il Sung who had performed undying exploits for the times and history.

The deputy director for international affairs of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea said:

“President Kim Il Sung is the eternal leader of the Korean people, who founded the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Korean People’s Army and provided them with independent and happy lives.

“He was an extraordinary veteran statesman who rendered both material and spiritual assistance to the struggle of African people aspiring for independence and progress and performed undying feats for achieving the cause of global independence.”

The CEO of the Mzenko Company of Angola acclaimed President Kim Il Sung as the benevolent father of the Korean people, saying that he was the great man who devoted his all to his people’s well-being, he visited lots of factories and farms for the improvement of the people’s living standards and he always found himself among the people, chatting with them without ceremony.

The general manager of the AEC International Motor Co. Ltd. of Thailand lauded President Kim Il Sung as the Sun of all people, saying the voices of burning admiration for him will go on forever. He hoped that the Korean people would make great achievements in their efforts to build a socialist power and reunify the country under the seasoned leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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