Kim Jong Un Unfolds New History of Peace, Prosperity and Independent Reunification

In September last year, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un climbed up Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of the nation standing imposingly while connecting the land of three thousand ri, together with personages from south Korea.

This was an exciting moment to be written down in the multi-millennial history of the nation.

All the fellow countrymen extended heartfelt gratitude and reverence for the Supreme Leader who makes a new history of peace, prosperity and independent reunification on the Korean peninsula while spearheading the development of the north-south relationship.

In his historic speech delivered at the military parade held in celebration of the centenary of President Kim Il Sung, the Supreme Leader solemnly declared that our Party and government of the DPRK will join hands with anyone who sincerely wishes the reunification of the country and peace and prosperity of the nation, and make responsible and persevering efforts to realize the historic cause of the country’s reunification. This was his unshakeable will to realize without fail the lifetime desire of the great leaders.

Thanks to his iron will, the historic Pyongyang summit meeting and talks could be held and the “September Pyongyang Joint Declaration” adopted and the hope-filled future for independent reunification, peace and prosperity is coming nearer to the entire Korean nation more quickly.

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