A Photograph Taken with Twin Sisters

It was when Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a factory.

At that time, the twin sisters, whom Kim Jong Il had met at a production site over 20 years ago, were still working at the factory.

On learning about this, he was very pleased, and said that he would meet them.

The women ran to him.

After greeting them, he asked them about their work and life in the meantime.

They answered that they have been working there for scores of years and become members of the Workers’ Party of Korea, married and had two kids each.

After listening to their answers, he said that they must have gone through much trouble as they were women, which was a laudable thing, and asked them to have a photograph taken with him.

The women were moved as the Chairman remembered them, whom he had met 20 years ago at a production site for a few moments, met them again and suggested having a photograph taken with them.

That day, he held their greasy hands, and had a photograph taken with them.

The photograph of that day was expressive of the warm love of Kim Jong Il who valued the honest and pure-hearted people and brought the buds of their patriotism into full bloom.

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