On June 1 five years ago, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the Pyongyang Orphanage.

The director of the orphanage was so happy to meet him and thanked him for taking his busy time to come there again. The Supreme Leader said it was quite natural for him to be there.

As he stepped into the entertainment room on the first floor, the parentless children hailed him “Father!”

A kid ran forward with his arms stretched, another one fell over a threshold as he hustled, and some vied to cling to the sleeves of the Supreme Leader.

The Supreme Leader held hands of those who were about to fall for haste and patted the cheeks of those who got into his bosom and affectionately asked them what they enjoyed playing and if they ate tasty food that day.

That day he gave them paternal affection as he applauded those singing sweetly, accepted their request delightfully and saw whether they were all right.

They were like a harmonious family in which father with his children in his embrace checks their health, hears their whispers and sees them frolicking.

The Supreme Leader’s love for parentless children is so great it is beyond compare.

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