Greatest Strength in the World

The following happened one day when Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, visited the Pyongyang Condiments Factory.

Seeing the whole of the factory splendidly built in keeping with the requirements of the new century, the General Secretary said with a smile on his face that the tiled buildings of the factory looked better than those coated with outdoor paints and that they just looked like a man in a smart suit.

Looking at the equipment in a production site, he praised that the factory was modernized well in line with the Party’s intention and while looking round the general packaging workshop, he said that the overall production lines of the factory were put on an automated and unmanned basis on a high level.

When he came out after looking round different places of the factory with great satisfaction, he saw a production building and asked the accompanying officials which unit had constructed the building.

An official answered that the employees of the factory had built it by themselves.

Then, after mentioning it was important that the factory had put the production lines on a modern footing and established cultured ways in production and life, he noted that what was more precious was that it enlisted the spiritual strength of the producer masses to upgrade it by their own efforts and that it meant greater strength than that of nuclear weapons.

His words implied that the greatest strength in the world is the mental strength of the popular masses and that there is nothing one cannot do if the strength is displayed to the full.

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