Significant Event in Development of DPRK-Russia Friendship

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s visit to the Russian Federation hit the world headlines.

Russia’s TASS said that Leader Kim Jong Un received warm welcomed in Russia and China’s Xinhua reported that the leaders of the two countries unanimously appraised that the summit meeting and talks were a useful occasion of great significance for boosting the bilateral friendship more solidly and soundly.

Media outlets in Cuba, Laos, Iran, Syria, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, the Czech Republic, France, the UK, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Egypt, Venezuela, the US, Brazil, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, the Democratic Republic of Congo also splashed the news about the historic visit of the DPRK Supreme Leader to the Russian Federation under the headlines “Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visits Russia”, “Leader Kim Jong Un meets President Putin”, “Leader Kim Jong Un and President Putin hold first summit”, “President Putin hosts banquet to welcome Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un” and “Chairman Kim Jong Un returns home by train”.

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