Gingko Flourishes in DPRK

Botanists are reportedly of the opinion that gingko tree, one of the oldest trees on the Earth, is in the process of natural extinction worldwide.

In the DPRK, however, it flourishes, bearing good fruits.

The tree which has struck deep roots in all parts of the country tells impressive stories about the great leaders of the country who put their heart and soul into growing and spreading it all over the country.

The gingko trees growing on Pyongyang`s Sungni Street are those whose saplings were raised in a tree nursery in Pyongyang on the instruction of President Kim Il Sung during the Fatherland Liberation War.     

Chairman Kim Jong Il said it is also good to plant gingko and dawn redwood as street trees as their leaves are in colours of flowers, they look fine in shape and are free from insects.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un instructed to plant many gingko trees and make effective of its fruits by processing.

Gingko trees flourish across the country as a symbol of the happy lives of the Korean people. 

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