A Great Leader in World Politics

The whole world expresses great admiration for Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as a great man who is possessed of outstanding political acumen and seasoned and experienced leadership ability.

The secretary general of the Karachi branch of the Pakistan-Korea Friendship Association and the first secretary of the Maritime Territorial Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation highly praised him, saying that Chairman Kim Jong Un performed great exploits in a short time that no others can do even in dozens of years, and his extraordinary quality and prominent personality fascinate all the people.

Foreign media also give wide publicity to the greatness of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Cambodian newspaper The Khmer Times said that DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is highly praised by all as a renowned statesman who attracts the greatest attention of the international community, adding that he is the great leader of the world politics who has aroused explosive interest of the international community from the beginning of his political career and people admire him for his great contribution to ensuring peace in the Korean peninsula and beyond with innovative thinking, bold decision and adroit negotiating ability.

The voice of admiration of the international community for the greatness of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un reverberates throughout the world.

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