Without Taking a Rest on Sunday

One Sunday in September several decades ago, President Kim Il Sung summoned an official and told him that he would give field guidance to some units.

The official said that he wanted the President to take some rest on Sunday morning at least and leave on field guidance in the afternoon, hoping that the President would relieve his fatigue even for a moment since he worked till late at night for a few days.

However, the President told him that he wanted to go somewhere nearby on Sunday to acquaint himself with actual situation and see the people, as he was usually too busy to give field guidance so often and that he liked it most.

That day, he looked round several farms and gave vital instructions that would serve as a guideline in the improvement of people`s living standard, wrote the lecture till late at night he would deliver to the officials in commemoration of the day of the Party founding and finished it early in the next morning.

As mentioned above, each day of the President’s revolutionary lifetime was really the continuation of such days without holidays.

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