Penalty Remitted (1)

Asking Three Times

On December 18, 2002 General Kim Jong Il was inspecting a unit of the KPA.

Seeing the soldiers under training he noticed that it was physically demanding.

He made the rounds of the barracks and mess hall, and then asked an officer of a subunit what was in short supply.

Told that everything was sufficient, he asked the commander of the unit what was most lacking.

The latter answered, “Thanks to your close concern, everything is supplied in sufficient amounts.”

Still worried, the General said:

“I do not believe that you have no difficulty.

“I know you are telling me so because you do not want to worry me. Please tell me all your troubles without hesitation.”

As he was asking the same question three times without moving ahead, the commander confessed that they lacked meat because they were not so successful in sideline farming.

The General said: Today I saw the soldiers under intensive training. They should eat meat regularly. After the training they will not feel content with a whole duck each. I will have meat supplied to your unit.

He asked the commander which was better, duck or chicken.

“Duck,” replied the officer.

The General agreed, saying that duck was both nutritious and delicious.

He assured the commander that he would make sure that the soldiers were served with meat, as he had requested.

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