Egg Boiling Site

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who was on a visit to the construction site of the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort one October day in Juche 107(2018),  dipped his hand in the spring water with a temperature of over 80℃ and said smilingly that the water was hot enough to boil eggs.

He had talked about boiling eggs several times before.

Two months ago when he visited the Yangdok area for the first time, he asked if eggs could be boiled in the spring water and was very satisfied to say that it was just a real hot spring.

And this day he felt the temperature of the water and was happy once again to find out that eggs could be boiled.

As he looked round different places at the construction site, giving officials precious instructions, he unexpectedly suggested boiling an egg at a spring outlet.

He personally measured the time for boiling an egg and proposed building an egg boiling site there, adding the people would like it.

Whatever he does, the people take the foremost place in his consideration and he is always solicitous about providing them with even one more better thing.

This is how the unheard-off egg boiling site came into being in the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort.

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